Autumn Statement a huge disappointment

Jim Murphy MPBy Jim Murphy MP

I sat in the House of Commons to listen to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement for 45 minutes today. There were a lot of new announcements and we will have to study the detail to reveal the full impact. But there is one thing we can be immediately be certain of – there was not a word or a penny for our Armed Forces. How can we be so sure?  Because the words ‘Armed Forces’ did not cross the Chancellor’s lips. Many people  are saying this statement was worse than expected, and I agree. For many reasons they are right.  It’s a huge disappointment when our Services are doing so much at home and overseas.


One thought on “Autumn Statement a huge disappointment

  1. The Tories have always welshed out on their responsibilities to our armed forces. They are quite happy for them to get maimed or killed, but when the jobs done and they are no longer useful, they serve them with redundancy notices. Maggie did it when they came back from Serbia and Bosnia, and now cameron is doing it after Aghanistan and Lybia. They are kicking the sick and injured off the paid books earlier than normal too. Richard Branson should have had the National Lottery, and the money that is now going to make the rich organisers richer could be spent on our armed forces. Disused army camps could be cleared and a setlement of medically adapted bungalows/flats could be built in their place for the maimed veterans and their families.

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