Government freeze pay for Armed Forces

Commenting on the Government’s pay freeze for Armed Forces, Labour Friend of the Forces advocates gave their opinion.

Jon Wheale, former Gunner in Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Afghanistan, said:

“This equates to a pay cut – those fighting in Afghanistan and serving to keep us safe deserve so much more than a pay cut. It’s clear that George Osborne and Philip Hammond simply don’t care about how their polices will affect Forces’ morale. After a year of crippling cuts, axing battleships, fighters, and the rest, this is the yet another betrayal of our finest and bravest. The Forces should be first in the queue for a pay rise not the last.”

Alasdair Ross, who served for 24 years, including in Afghanistan in 2009 as a reservist, said:

“The 1% pay freeze will hurt all public sector workers but soldiers will be hurt even more. Many soldiers will have received the news of the pay freeze whilst fighting in Helmand. What a way to treat these men and women.

“We all understand that these are difficult times, but many soldiers are facing a move back from Germany to the UK, moving to ex RAF camps in rural England and in Scotland.  Their spouses are also having to give up their jobs and their children change schools – all this with a pay freeze and a cut in many other allowances.

“As an ex soldier and with a brother still serving, this will see the morale of our forces lowered even further.”


One thought on “Government freeze pay for Armed Forces

  1. Typical of the Tories, and it’s only so that they can give the extremely rich the 50p tax rate back. Thatcher did it when the troops had finished in Bosnia & Serbia.

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