Please support the Military Wives Choir

Military Wives Choir is a great show about the solidarity between the wives and girlfriends of those who go to the frontline. Their quiet courage is vital to all Forces overseas.

The show is touching in how it brings together those with shared experiences to support each other and in turn collectively support their loved ones. The wives and girlfriends in the show together form a choir and in the process form friendships and discover musical talents.

Now we can all support them. The wives’ Christmas song, ‘Wherever You Are’, is uplifting and emotional, and was written by the wives themselves.  As music teacher Gareth Malone says, it “encodes in it a sense of energy and spirit”.  It has a great chance of being Christmas No1 and we should all try to make that happen!

Please show you support by downloading the single here.

All sales will go towards them becoming No1 in the Christmas charts, which means lots of money to the wonderful charities British Legion and SSAFA. That means support, advice, help, holidays, R&R. These charities pick up the pieces, wipe away the tears and help build another future, not only for the men but the families also.

Please watch the single video here.


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