An appeal from Rewards for Forces

By Peter Raith, Rewards for Forces

When we heard that a member of the Armed Forces recently returned from military operations was denied a discount in a major high street store, but a student in front of him was given one, we knew we had to act.

We used every resource we had to encourage high street stores to incorporate the forces community into their discount schemes, just as they did for students and other large groups.

After months of sustained negotiating, rewardsforforces now has hundreds of special offers and deals for the forces community on their website and rewardsforforces stickers are beginning to appear in hundreds of shop windows.

To accelerate the uptake of the scheme, we need help.

If everyone could make businesses in their local area aware of the rewardsforforces campaign and encourage them to give discounts to the forces community it would make a massive difference to the campaign.

Businesses can get involved by telephoning Peter Raith on 01604 647770 or emailing

Our serving personnel, veterans and their families deserve respect and recognition from British businesses and it is our mission to make this happen.


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