Let our Forces play the National Lottery

Below is a letter from Jim Murphy to Camelot urging them to allow the Armed Forces to be able to play the National Lottery while overseas and be exempt from recent rule changes.

Dianne Thompson, Chief Executive
Camelot UK Lotteries Limited
Watford, Head Office and Prize Payment Office
Tolpits Lane
Watford, Herts
WD18 9RN

5th April 2012

Dear Dianne,

I recently received an email from the National Lottery concerning changes to the rules. I am writing about the rules which stipulate that all tickets for the National Lottery must be purchased in the UK and that all players must be ‘physically located in the UK or Isle of Man’. I am concerned that this move excludes British troops, either on a tour of duty or permanently stationed abroad.

The National Lottery is a fantastic institution, offering unique opportunity for all and redistributing funds to the institutions and causes which strengthen our social fabric. But it must be open to all those who contribute to it. British troops are British taxpayers and give unparalleled service to our country. They do not decide to leave our country, we send them overseas to protect our country, often at short notice. We all benefit from their dedication and patriotism. The very least they deserve is the opportunity to share in the chance of a million-pound Lottery win like the rest of us.

I hope you will make arrangements to ensure that all men and women of our Armed Forces will be able to take part in the National Lottery wherever in the world they are stationed.

I look forward to your response.

Best wishes,

Jim Murphy MP
Shadow Secretary of State for Defence


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