Afghanistan announcement – response from Jim Murphy MP

Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, responding to today’s announcement on Afghanistan, said:
“As we prepare to celebrate Christmas with our families we remember those in Afghanistan separated from theirs, and those who have been lost never to return to their loved ones.

“We all want to see our troops home as soon as possible so we welcome today’s announcement.

“Many will want reassurances about the safety of those who will remain in Afghanistan after their comrades have left. They may experience increased risk against which they must be protected.

“The country will also want assurance that the troops who return from Afghanistan will not be sent to the back of the dole queue by compulsory Army redundancies.

“There is uncertainty over whether the capability of those departing can be sufficiently replaced by Afghan Forces and there is little detail on post-2014 planning. I hope Ministers will soon be able to give the country greater clarity on these issues, with implications for British taxpayers and our Forces.

“Afghanistan has seen significant but not irreversible progress and there remain immense challenges to overcome. We will work with the Government to make the mission a success and to ensure the fallen and injured are commemorated.”


One thought on “Afghanistan announcement – response from Jim Murphy MP

  1. Yes, this is a typical situation to pull our troops out of Afghanistan and then lead them to the unemployment office. There they we meet the same insulting questions of why they haven’t found work yet? You don’t have any skills so you will be lucky to find any kind of work! Ever thought of retraining? Then they will be reluctantly given £71.00 to live on each week and looked down on as a public burden.

    No troops should be sent home from Afghanistan until that country is declared safe, other wise what is the option? To leave only five thousand of our military personnel in a hostile country who is poorly equipped to the extent that they have to rely on a charity company for their Christmas dinner! ‘DISGRACEFUL’.

    Laurence Mann (Labour Member) London

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