Defence redundancies statement raised more questions than answers

Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, in response to the Ministry of Defence’s announcement of a third round of Army redundancies, said:

“Today’s statement raised more questions than answers, but one certainty is that the heroes of today could be sacked tomorrow.

“The Prime Minister rightly spoke of the urgency of the Islamist terror threat to the UK from North Africa, but in a ‘carry on regardless’ strategy serious skills in the Army are being lost. Not enough is being done to rebalance our Forces towards new threats and a changed role.

“The Government’s flawed defence review has been exposed by world events – it didn’t mention Mali, Algeria or Libya. The Government should reopen the Defence review to take in to account events in North Africa. This isn’t only about numbers but Army skills and capability, and many will fear Ministers are unprepared for threats we face.

“Progress in the Government’s Reservists’ plan is concerning. As yet nothing has been done to incentivise employers, protect the rights of those who seek to serve or improve recruitment.”


2 thoughts on “Defence redundancies statement raised more questions than answers

  1. Once again the redundancies of our army personnel which are being made by the Prime Minister is shadowing the real problem within our national security. German Fascism in Europe threatened the free world back in the 1930’s and now we are under threat again from African Fascism and what have the Prime Minister done about it? He has made 5000 of our trained troops redundant. This is a man who does not understand the realities of military strategies or human nature. We have a duty to defend and support our country and this will never be done with a pusillanimous attitude!

    Laurence Mann (Labour Member) London

  2. How can David Cameron talk about Islamic threats to Britain in one breath and yet get rid of so many or our brave troops with the next. Reservists should never be used as a replacement for our soldiers but should be just that RESERVISTS. Mr. Cameron should be sent on a couple of ops himself just to see what our troops really do, and how selfless they all are.

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