Today each of us can send a loud message of support to our Armed Forces- Jim Murphy MP

Jim Murphy MP, commenting on the appalling murder of a member of the Armed Forces in Woolwich, said:

“This is firstly a personal tragedy for the family and friends of the victim.

“This horrendous and horrific act against our Armed Forces has shocked us all.

“In our moments of anger we should be strengthened in our national resolve to tackle hatred and terrorism wherever they exist.

“The Government and security services have our full support in establishing the facts and preventing any future such crimes.

“As a country we should respond with a reassertion of the values of tolerance and justice; the values that these extremists hate so much about our country.

“We should all help to ensure our Armed Forces never feel fearful in public. They protect us, and today each of us can send a loud message of support, solidarity and gratitude to all service personnel serving in our towns and cities at home and overseas.”


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