Our thoughts are with all those leaving the Army and their families – Jim Murphy MP

Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, responding to redundancy notices being delivered to members of the British Army today, said:

“Our thoughts are with all those leaving the Army and their families.

“It is significant that so many have chosen to leave in such a tough economic climate. For the 700 plus who have been sacked this is a real kick in the teeth. Each and everyone deserves support to resettle in to civilian life and help finding work.

“We will be pressing the Government for much more detail about the human and military impact of these redundancies.

“Today’s news represents a broken promise and a failing strategy. These redundancies are not a result of military strategy but a stagnant economic plan.

“The Government talk the rhetoric of reform but the reality is reduced numbers and limited capabilities. Ministers should listen to senior military figures. When the world is getting no safer we cannot have a mismatch between ambition and resource but need a reform plan to increase influence and strength. That means correction of the reservist plan, higher skills, preventative action and supporting some countries’ underdeveloped forces to share in the heavy lifting.”


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