Labour to introduce anti-discrimination Bill to protect Armed Forces community

Labour is today presenting a Bill to the House of Commons which would increase protections against discrimination for the Armed Forces community.

Thomas Docherty, Labour MP for Dunfermline and West Fife and member of the Defence Select Committee, will present The Armed Forces (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill. This would outlaw discrimination against the Armed Forces in the provision of goods and services and would make certain offences committed towards members of the Armed Forces treated as ‘aggravated’.
Labour has been campaigning on this issue since May 2012.

Thomas Docherty MP said:
“For too long those who have bravely served our nation abroad have faced discrimination at home.
“This Bill will outlaw unacceptable behaviour of a minority of businesses and individuals who embarrass our country. I am delighted that my Bill has won the support of Jim Murphy and the Labour Party and I hope that people will write to their own MP asking them to get behind it as well.”

Jim Murphy MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, said:
“Our country shows great affection for our Forces but unfortunately a minority face mistreatment.
“Our heroes’ patriotism should be celebrated not discriminated against in their everyday lives, which is why this bill is welcome and important.
“Labour will continue to campaign for fair treatment of those who risk all for our national security.
“The selfless sacrifice of those who serve sets them apart. We should do all we can to protect those who protect our nation.”


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