Henry Jackson Report Shows SNP Defence Plans are Fundamentally Flawed- Jim Murphy MP

Commenting on the report by the Henry Jackson Society on the SNP’s defence plans for an independent Scotland, Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy MP, said:

“It’s official. The SNP defence plans are quarter-baked. There’s a growing army of experts who have shown just how flawed the their defence plans are. The defence and security of Scotland’s people and national interests must be the top priority, but all we get from the SNP is political posturing. The bluster from the SNP on defence is becoming embarrassing.

“This damning report shows the SNP’s plans to be fundamentally flawed. The SNP would downgrade Scotland’s role in the world and its strength at home. They will lead to isolation at home only to be put to the back of the queue abroad.

“As this report shows, the SNP have no idea how to build Scottish Defence Forces from scratch. How would they build an Army, Air Force, Navy and intelligence service, with advanced capabilities for example in cyber security. The SNP can’t build a defence policy on just 7% of the UK’s defence budget.

“There is now overwhelming evidence that the best way to protect Scotland and our defence industry is to remain part the UK.

“As part of the UK Scotland has the best Armed Forces and intelligence service in the world with almost unique global influence. Let’s keep it that way. ”


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