SNP maritime defence plans- Jim Murphy MP & JohnDolan

In response to SNP maritime defence plans announced today, John Dolan, GMB Union Convenor, working at Scotstoun, Glasgow, said:

“It is complete fantasy. There are three yards on the Clyde at present and a proposed Scottish Navy would not be required to order the amount of ships to keep all three yards opened. The SNP proposal would lead to yard closures.

“The cost of the currently incomplete Type 26 would be prohibitive to any small navy. How many ships would the Scottish Navy require? In my opinion Independence for Scotland would spell the end of viable shipbuilding in this country.

“The SNP state that Faslane would be the Naval base for Scotland. I would like to ask what their intention is for Rosyth Dockyard in Fife where the largest ships in the Royal Navy are being constructed, work which will keep shipbuilders and supply chain in secure employment for the next 10 years.”

Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy MP said:

“The SNP have already spent their annual defence budget and now out of the blue they announce that an independent Scotland will also have the most advanced frigates the world has ever known. They are making it up as they go along. This is a cruel deceit aimed at silencing the shipyard workers until after the referendum. They can’t spend the same money twice on ships they cannot afford for a phantom navy.

“The SNP need to come clean on how many frigates they would have in their imaginary navy and whether they would have same capability as the Royal Navy currently plans for the Type-26.”


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