Sending our thoughts to our Forces this coming Christmas

The Ministry of Defence has launched its annual campaign to discourage unsolicited Christmas mail to the Forces. The aim of this campaign is to ensure the timely delivery of free personal mail from family and friends to those serving overseas. In the past the generous general public have shown their support by sending unsolicited goodwill parcels yet this can lead to a huge backlog which could prevent our service personnel from receiving mail from their loved ones.

To read why the campaign has been launched please see here:

This does not mean, however, that goodwill should be discouraged. If you or anyone of your family or friends want to send a gift or donate you can do so via the charity UK4U Thanks! Please see details here:

Christmas is a time which we all look forward to as a period during which we spend quality time with our nearest and dearest. For those serving overseas they are denied this pleasure. We should all take a moment to show how much we value them and that they are in our thoughts during the forthcoming festive period.


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