On Wednesday 19th March Aldershot CLP hosted a well-attended Democracy & Diversity event to reach out to the large Nepali population now living in the constituency.  Members of Parliament Kevan Jones and Fiona MacTaggart spoke to the large audience and Annelise Dodds, top-ranked Labour candidate for the South-East in the up-coming European elections addressed the gathering. 

Jon Wheale PPC was there to represent Labour Friends of the Forces (LFOF) as most of the Nepalis in the room had served or were serving as Gurkhas in the British Army.

Almost one hundred people were present at the event and leaders and representatives from all the main Nepali community organisations were there, including the Non-resident Nepali UK association, The Greater Rushmoor Nepali community, the British Gurkha Welfare Trust, and several ethnic groups within the Nepali community.

Kevan Jones MP spoke too of his support for the Gurkhas and thanked them for the service they had given in the British Army; he spoke positively of the continued contribution Gurkhas now make to communities up and down the country.

As MP for Slough, Fiona MacTaggart shared her positive experiences of how ethnic groups there had become involved with Labour and gone on to enrich the party.

A Q&A session followed during which concerns about moving the Gurkha Welfare Centre (GWC) from Aldershot to Salisbury were expressed by Aldershot CLP.

The CLP had successfully applied to the Re-founding Labour fund to host the event and so was able to provide all guests with a delicious Nepali Dal Bhat (rice and curry) meal and held the meeting in a local school.  Many Nepalis completed forms to join Labour and LFOF.  On behalf of all Labour members, we truly look forward to seeing them again at future meetings and in the communities in which we live and serve.





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