This Friday marks the 70th anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

Commemorations will take place across the country as well as in France. 

 Vernon Coaker, the Shadow Defence Secretary, will be commemorate the day in Portsmouth alongside hundreds of veterans.

Those attending will pay tribute to the brave service people who lost their lives on the day with two day commemorations along the sea front.

On Thursday there will be a Drumhead ceremony, a Royal Navy & Marines display on South Sea Common and a RAF Red Arrows flypast. There will then be a flotilla of ships setting sail for France ready to arrive on D-Day itself. 

D-Day saw a massive military force set out from England towards France with the aim of overthrowing the Nazi’s.

The amphibious landing remains the largest of its kind with over 6,000 vessels involved in the joint attack.  By the end of D-Day the allies had put a total of 156,000 troops ashore in Normandy breaking down the Nazi’s key infrastructure. The assault is largely credited with securing victory for the Allied Forces in WWII. 

Alongside the ships, there were 11,000 planes to provide support. Thousands of aircrew were killed in the months before the landings as they flew missions that contributed to the success of the invasion.

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