Gemma Doyle MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Veterans, responding to the Government’s statement on the Ashcroft Review, said:

“Labour contributed to Lord Ashcroft’s Transition Review and welcomed its conclusions. It is right that the Government has accepted many of the proposals it set out.

“But David Cameron has presided over tens of thousands of redundancies in the Armed Forces, a deterioration in pay and conditions and the collapse of morale across the service community. Many will feel this is too little, too late from a Government that has let down our Armed Forces.

“Many Armed Forces personnel transition into civilian life very well, and this is a positive message that we must work hard to promote. But it is clear from Lord Ashcroft’s report more should be done to support those who leave service early, with a greater focus on personal development to help veterans prepare for life outside of the forces.

“Labour will ensure our servicemen and women, veterans and their families are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.”


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