Vernon Coaker recent met with Col Simon Diggins OBE, the Labour candidate for South West Hertfordshire.

Simon left the Army in August 2014, after some 35 years service, and was adopted by South West Hertfordshire as their PPC. Simon’s motivation for standing is straightforward:

“I’ve always believed in social justice and benefited myself from the great improvements in health and education that the Welfare State brought about. The last few years have dismayed and angered me: rising inequality and worse, a lack of social mobility, means that we are recreating Downton Abbey, with the ‘rich man in his castle and the poor man at his feet’. That is simply wrong and, even if you don’t believe it is wrong, it is surely dangerous for the social harmony and stability of our society.

“In the military, probably one of the few unforgivable sins a leader can commit is to leave his men behind. But we have a government that not only doesn’t care that many are being left behind but through vicious measures such as the ‘bedroom tax’ is actively targeting the weakest and most vulnerable. I’ve never stood-by and watched something go wrong and nor will I now. That is why I am standing; I want a Free, Fair and Decent Society for All.”

Simon Tweets @SimonLeoDiggins

You can follow his blog at and he can be contacted on

12-1-15 Simon Diggins


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