Vernon Coaker, the Shadow Defence Secretary, this week appeared on the Daily Politics Show alongside representatives from the other main parties to debate the issues of defence and security.

Coaker questioned the SNP’s policy to disarm whilst remaining in NATO and therefore part of the nuclear umbrella, and Michael Fallon, the current Defence Secretary, refused to say how his party would vote on deterrent.

Here’s a link to the debate:


On Thursday, the Shadow Defence Team visitied Barrow and met with the Labour candidate, John Woodcock. As part of the visit Coaker went to the dockyard and spoke with both management and TU reps; he reassured workers of the Labour Party’s position on the deterrent.


Today, Coaker is visiting Sophy Gardener, the Labour candidate in Gloucester. You may remember from previous posts that Sophy is a former wing commander in the RAF and was awarded an MBE for her role in charge of all RAF transport and refuelling assets at the time of 9/11.


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