Labour Sets Out Position On Further Action Against ISIL

Yesterday afternoon the House of Commons debated the issue of ‘Britain and International Security’. The debate had been in place for a number of weeks and was planned prior to the recent and tragic events in Tunisia however with these developments much of the debate focused on ISIL.

You can read the full transcript of the debate here: Yesterday’s Debate

Harriet Harman, Labour’s Interim Leader, and Vernon Coaker, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, set out Labour’s position on further action against ISIL.

Harriet Harman MP, Labour’s Interim Leader, speaking on ITV News, said:

“ISIL brutalise people, they murder people and they are horrifically oppressive. So everything that can be done to stop them must be done, and any proposals that the Government bring forward which will help tackle the growing horror of ISIL, of course we will look at them very very seriously.”

Vernon Coaker MP, Labour’s Shadow Defence Secretary, in the debate on Britain and International Security in the House of Commons today, said:


“This has to be the time when the democratic nations of the world come together with those battling this threat wherever it occurs. Terrorism cannot be allowed to succeed and the terrorists have to know that our will to defeat them remains undiminished.

“Mr Speaker, let me respond directly to the comments of the Secretary of State regarding the possibility of further action against ISIL.

“We are all horrified by what has happened in Tunisia and by the growing threat that ISIL poses.

“We must tackle this threat to our citizens both at home and abroad.

“So we stand ready to work with the Government to defeat ISIL and will carefully consider any proposals that the Government decide to bring forward.

“We all need to be clear about what difference any action would make to our objective of defeating ISIL, about the nature of any action, its objectives and the legal basis.

“Any potential action must command the support of other nations in the region, including Iraq and the coalition already taking action in Syria.

“This is a time for a considered assessment of the best course of action we can take to defeat this deadly threat to the UK, an objective that unites us all.”


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