Strategic Defence and Security Review Submissions

The MoD recently invited suggestions for the Strategic Defence and Security Review however submissions were to be no longer than 1,500 characters, or around 200-300 words.

Former senior officers and academics have accused the Government of insulting defence experts by asking for their suggestions but limiting them to just a few hundred words.

Vernon Coaker, the Shadow Defence Secretary, said the Government’s “entire approach to the SDSR is wrong”. 

He said: “They promised an open process but instead have delivered a sham consultation where submissions can be no longer than 300 words. The MoD’s methodology is an insult to the wider defence community whose expertise should form the foundation of the Government’s review. The 2010 SDSR did not survive contact with reality and all the signs are that the Government will repeat the mistakes they made five years ago, leading to a further decline in Britain’s global influence.” 

Following pressure from Vernon Coaker and Defence Synergia, the website for submissions has recently been updated and no longer has a word limit. Here is the link to the consultation should you wish to be involved: SDSR & NSS Submission.