Labour Lords yesterday questioned the government’s timeline for the construction of the Type 31 frigate.

Former First Sea Lord and Labour Peer Admiral Lord West questioned the Government’s ability to deliver the required number of Frigates by the 2035 timeline as laid out in the 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review.

During the debate Lord West stated “I cannot see how that can occur by 2035, by which time the oldest of the Type 23s will be 35 years old.”

Lord West highlighted the necessity for a ‘steady drumbeat of ship orders’ if the UK was going to meet its escort arrangements for the fleet.

Concerns were raised throughout the debate about the current underfunded nature of our Defence Budget. The Labour Party is committed to spending at least 2% of our GDP on defence spending.

The Labour Frontbench spokesperson in the Lords, Lord Touhig, pressed the Government on the need to follow Sir John Parker’s report recommendations in ensuring the export potential of the Type 31 Frigate.

The full debate can be read here.