Throughout the campaign, Labour Friends of the Forces supporters and candidates have been slogging hard to deliver a Labour Party victory.

Tomorrow night, we will find out where the chips have fallen. In the meantime, make sure you vote, make sure everyone else you know votes and  if you can, help your local constituency party get the vote out.

“It’s close in South Swindon,” says Sarah Church, a former Royal Signals major and the Labour Party’s local candidate. “The campaign has been such a positive one and supported by so many dedicated activists. Whatever the results tomorrow night, everyone who has campaigned in South Swindon can know they gave it everything.”

The Prime Minister called this election just as Friends of the Forces were rebooting themselves and relaunching. But we have managed to support a range of great candidates, including the strongest slate of former military veterans the party has deployed since 1945.

“I’m hugely grateful for the support I’ve received from Labour Friends of the Forces.,” said Wes Streeting, candidate for elf in North. “Under the Tories, cuts to our armed forces have left us ill-equipped to tackle the modern threats facing our country. Re-elected as Ilford North’s MP, I will continue to speak up for service personnel and their families.”

Whatever the result, we will be continuing to fight, helping the Labour Party up its game still further on defence.

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