Details of the current resettlement programme

Below is an outline of Government support available to service leavers which  aims to meet individuals’ needs. It is complemented by the fantastic work of charities such as the Soldiers, Sailors & Airman’s Families Association, the Royal British Legion, the Army Benevolent Fund, the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund and the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust, whose work we support.

Resettlement provision: tiers

Provision of resettlement starts up to two years before an individual is due to leave the Armed Forces. Provision depends upon how long the service leaver has been serving in the Armed Forces. Resettlement is delivered in three tiers:

Tier 1.  The service leaver makes initial contact with a Resettlement Information Staff Officer, who will provide information on what is available, give administrative support and direct the service leaver to the help and assistance he/she can receive within the system.

Tier 2. The individual Service provides a Service Resettlement Adviser who gives advice and guidance on the resettlement package which will best suit the service leaver.

Tier 3. This compromises tri-Service support provided under the Career Transition Partnership (CTP). The MOD contracts civilian outplacement organisation Right Coutts Ltd to provide a range of resettlement services.


Everyone on the trained strength is eligible for Tiers 1 and 2 at any time during their careers.

There are 2 levels of entry for Tier 3 depending upon the length of service:

  • Those who have completed four years or more service are entitled to an Employment Support Programme (ESP).
  • Those who have completed six years or more are entitled to the Full Service.

Service leavers who have completed six years or more are also eligible for an amount of time, known as Graduated Resettlement Time (GRT), to undertake resettlement activities, as well as a grant and travel and subsistence expenses which can be used towards meeting the costs of training during resettlement.

All service leavers also have access to briefs on housing advice, provided by the Joint Service Housing Advice Organisation (JSHAO).

Employment Support Programme

The ESP service is available from six months before discharge up until two years post discharge. Each service leaver is assigned an individual Career Consultant who will provide detailed advice on the types of employment the individual may be suitable for in the region to which he or she intends to relocate.

The service leaver will also have access to a comprehensive database of jobs, many of which are available exclusively to service leavers, and the Career Consultant will help them in making contact with prospective employers.

The consultant will also give advice on other regional matters such as schooling, housing and so forth.

Full Resettlement Service

The Full Service is available through the CTP for those service leavers who have completed 6 years service or more and commences up to two years before discharge until two year post discharge.

The services provided include:

  • Allocation of a personal Career Consultant, with whom the service leaver can have unlimited face to face contact.
  • Various workshops, which will assist a service leaver in producing a CV, researching the job market, preparing for an interview and responding to job adverts.
  • Access to training so that transferable skills which service leavers develop during their time in the Armed forces can lead to equivalent civilian qualifications.
  • There are also options which give guidance to those service leavers who intend to retire after leaving the Armed Forces.

You can take part in our resettlement consultation here.


3 thoughts on “Details of the current resettlement programme

  1. I think this resettlement programme is an excellent idea and it’s a pity it wasn’t executed a long time ago.

    Laurence Mann (Labour Member) London

  2. My son accepted the redundancy,after 18 years servce,the resettlement programme was rubbish, the facility may have been there but the people who run the programme are useless and have no idea of reality ourside the forces.
    Finding accommadation is key to any member who leaves the forces,and it is difficult for them to live at home after such long periods away from home,the army and government wipe thier hand off the housing market, again no idea,if it had not been for family support then he would have been homeless like many other are due to this Government,it is a case of here’s your papers goodluck

    A shambles; shame on them
    Paul Taylor
    Labour member Liverpool

  3. I lived in the Queen Victoria Seaman’s Rest in East London for three months and while I was there I met quite a few ex-service personnel who had no where to live. These people put their lives on the line for Queen and Country but they had no where to live! So, you are quite correct Paul.

    Shambles and shame!!!

    Laurence Mann (Labour Member) London

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