Services for our Forces: Housing

The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association provides a range of advice about housing and ex-Service rough sleepers. They also provide information about the facilities they run to assist families of injured service personal. Information includes full details of the homes they operate as care homes or supported accommodation guide. Information can be found here:

Veterans UK provide an overview of help available to ex-Service personnel found homeless. This can be found here:

The MOD Army website provides details of housing for servicemen and women as well as links to more information. This can be found here:

The Naval Families Federation has a regularly updated page of housing news, including details about insurance liability, heating homes and service accommodation. This can be found here:

The Royal Air Force Families Federation provides information on housing entitlement and government policy on housing. This can be found here:


2 thoughts on “Services for our Forces: Housing

  1. I am glad that so many organizations care about our Service Men and Women but I do have concerns about after these brave men and women have done there Duty .I concerned that they are not given priorities in Housing and Jobs like they do in some other Countries having served in the US and we were given priority in Housing not only for Renting but my husband and I were right away offered a VA loan which was backed by the Government as well as Job priority or retraining. I am concerned of the hardship these returning Veterans and there Famalie’s are facing especially if there are other circumstances involved like disabilities or the loss of Life. I believe that we as a Nation must do more for those who give so much.

    1. Dear Monika, we share your concerns about the availability and access to affordable housing for former service personnel and their families. There are good services on offer from the MoD and charities to help service leavers but more, certainly, can be done. Housing upgrades should continue, there should be greater supply of affordable housing and the Government must make sure service communities have access to this. We will, as you suggest, look at lessons from overseas. Many thanks for your comment.

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