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Attending Labour Party Conference this year? Then come to our reception on Monday 1st October, for further details click here.

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No one should suffer as a result of their service

A cross party campaign is calling for urgent talks to end discrimination against our Armed Forces. A recent poll showed that 18% of Forces had been refused service in hotels, pubs or elsewhere and one in five had received abuse in the street when in uniform. Sign up to support the campaign here.

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To meet the challenges of the future we must understand both the successes and failures of the past. Labour’s Shadow Defence team is holding reviews in the following subjects – click on the review to take part.

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11 thoughts on “

  1. I would liked to ask why when the economy is bad and not performing well the defence and equipment budget is raided more than other departments e.g health, education, welfare and allowing foreign workers to take jobs while british workers were left to rot and yet when the economy is great and doing well and during thirteen years of labour spending like there was no tomorrow and deploying our armed forces frequently the defence and equipment budget was not increased at the rate of other department e.g health, education, welfare and in some cases was actually cut (helicopters, armoured vehicles and the delaying of the construction of the Queen Elizabeth class CVF)

    Mr Andrew Cox
    124 Ulleries Road

    1. If you look at the facts, many “foreign” workers are unable to take jobs, or they work for a wage and working conditions that “British” workers would not be prepared to tolerate. It is easy at times of government cutbacks and difficult financial times to scapegoat the poorest and other groups of people.
      The welfare of the Armed forces and families, equiping our Armed forces for war, provide the support and services required for our AF and families as a result of the aftermath of war on an individual basis, and other things require to be funded and to receive additional funding accordingly, however I have observed several areas in which money could be reallocated, as in other budgets. I would reduce the divide in wealth through the hierarchy in the Armed forces, look at the work life balance for families within the Armed forces, address the large alcohol misuse problem actively encouraged by the Armed forces(would fund this also) and monitor spending on recreational, ceremonial and team building events.

  2. I have just been informed that about 18% of our armed forces are refused to be served in public houses and also verbally abused in public places. I cannot believe that this is happening to our hero’s. These people fight to keep Britain and the free world safe and this has become their reward? This is a total disgrace and there should be an immediate enquiry in support of our brave military personnel.

    Mr Laurence Mann (Labour Member)

  3. Hi Andrew
    With regard to the state of the economy, I would not be too concerned, at the moment. However once the date of the next general election is decided by the powers that be. You can guarantee that the economy will suddenly start to recover and we will be informed by our wise political Multi millionaire masters, that all in the garden is rosy and you must not disturb the recovery by voting for your Labour party candidate.


    Brian Daly

  4. As an ex WRNS Officer I am appalled at the level of discrimination displayed by publicans and others who are actively discriminating against our Armed Forces personnel. My husband was an officer on HMS Sheffield (the one sunk during the Falkland war). If it had been a racist/sexist/ageist discrimination no doubt this would have been prominently displayed throughout our press media. I would suggest that we refrain from comments like ‘foreign workers taking our jobs’ . if one was to consider our history it was because of our response to employment after the 2nd World War that our colonial brothers and sisters came to Britain as at the time we considered ourselves above carrying out menial jobs e.g. bus drivers/nurses etc. We welcomed them with open arms at that time. None of us have a right to employment because of our race/nationality etc. However we all have a responsibility to ensure that the economy is populated by skilled and motivated workforce. Perhaps if we all were to consider ‘do until others as you would have done by’ all the aforesaid would not have to be said.

  5. I served on the Royal Air Force Harrier Force for 10 years back in the 70’s and 80’s, and it’s fantastic to see the young men and woman of today standing tall and proud, as for that landlord well lets hope his pub is closed or if he works for someone else then they do the decent thing and sack him

  6. I am very concerned that the Gurkha’s who have contributed so much to our war efforts for so much of our ‘colonial past’ are now being made scapegoats to pacify the ‘far right’ in the UK political spectrum. Having volunteered and suffered the usual ‘war time injuries’ and in many cases been more loyal to th UK and ‘THE CROWN’ than the indigenous UK resident those who were in the British Armed forces at any time, whether in war time or when there were few if no military actions should be treated as if they are UK Citizens and not be pushed into the peripheries of society.
    Who knows we may have to rely on their services in the future!
    Peter Cooper

  7. I am an ex R.N service man and my father was a 27 year service man in the army fighting in the far east with the gurkhas he held them in the highest regard for their actions and commitment to this country, it is disgaceful that any service person can be treated in this way, but it doesnt suprise me in this day and age there is no respect for society or the community. bring back conscription and let us teach people how to have respect and discipline.

  8. My Son served 17 years out of his 22 years only to be informed that his job was being made redundant,if he had not had the support of his family he would have ended up without support in the housing market,my feelings are for the dedicated recent redundant soldiers who have no support. Shame on Cameron and Co there will be more stress related cases pressed on to the NHS to deal with this 2nd mass redundancy,pure false accounting.

    These ConDems need to be split and out and it seems that they are not far off that.

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