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Defence and Security with Jim Murphy MP & Labour Friends of the Forces on 26th March 2012

Following the publication of Labour’s Shadow Defence Review, please join us for our first ‘Defence Review’ event on Monday 26th March (6:30-8:30pm). This is your opportunity to put your policy ideas to Labour’s Defence Team, at an event using PragRad’s innovative Top Of The Policies format.

The process

Submit your idea in the following format: Headline, Explanation (1-2 sentences), how you wish to be referred to on the night (ie job title, organisation, etc), to PragRad Chair, John Slinger

Turn up and present your idea in the following format:

1. Each speaker has 2 minutes to present a policy idea (up to 20 speakers)
2. 2 minute Q & A per policy
3. One vote – one top policy on defence/security

Grab a drink, enjoy yourself and talk to other guests/speakers .

Anyone coming in the Top 5 on the night will be offered the chance to write up their idea for the LFF website.

WHERE? THE BARLEY MOW (pub), 104 Horseferry Road, Westminster, London, SW1P 2EE ***In upstairs function room***
When? Monday 26th March 6:30-8:30pm

RSVP to PragRad Chair, John Slinger

For further information, click here.

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One thought on “

  1. What is going to be done to revererse the decline of Armed Forces personnel and units from Scotland and there move to England as is happening to 45 Commando from Arbroath to the south of England, this is the Mountain and Artice warfare carde and we all know of the mountains in the south of England.

    And what is going to be done to ensure that Scotland is no longer going to be at the forefront of defence cuts to the saving of jobs in Engalnd as happens at present

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